When we walk our dog, there are some untold actions we should take. This is to both not unduly upset other people walking in the area, but also to demonstrate that we are a responsible dog owner and know how to control our dog properly.

Things you should do

  • Always keep your dog under control at all times.
  • Keep your dog on the lead where instructed to do so or near roads.
  • Supervise your dog if off the lead at all times.
  • Always carry dog poo bags and pick up any dog mess your dog does.
  • Keep your dog away from other people and dogs, unless you know the other person or dog and both parties are happy with that interaction.
  • Know your dog and his reactions and body language, so that you can read the situation while your dog is meeting and greeting other dogs.
  • When greeting other dogs, follow a 3 second rule, allow 3 seconds to greet then call your dog away. 
  • If another dog is approaching and you can see that your dog is not happy with this, turn around and walk the other way. Do not put your dog into a situation where he will feel trapped and forced in fight or flight mode. 

Things you should not do

  • Do not allow your dog to run up to children or unfamiliar dogs. You do not know if that child or dog has a fear, and it could provoke the wrong time of interaction.
  • Do not allow your dog off the lead if he has poor recall. First go back to basic training and use a long line until you have trained a reliable recall. 

It is not always easy to know what you should do when out walking your dog, especially if you have recently got your first dog. It all comes with time, but for now you have a small list of things to work from. 

Pet dogs, like man likewise get anxious. In order to fix the problem, it is vital for pet owners to identify the aspects triggering the canines to be alarmed. In this post, we will go over the different warning indications that will tell you that your canine is indeed stressed.

Look at your pet dog's eyes from a distance. It is normal to see the white part of the pet dog's eyes. If you can not see the white anymore and you observe that the eyes of your animal are bloodshot red, then you can inform that your canine is indeed stressed. In canine, the adrenaline reflex shows in red eyes. It belongs to the reflex understood as the battle or flight response. Dogs that blink and squint purposely might indicate that they are mildly stressed.

Take note of your pet dog's ear. Know exactly what is normal and irregular. If his ear's carriage is greater than normal, a pet might be experiencing mild anxiety. This is not applicable to Low ear floppy-eared canines because their ears are constantly carried reduced.

Similar to snakes, canines can drop. Shedding is a natural process, lots of canines also shed due to the fact that of tension. If you desire to adopt a dog, make sure that your home is an anxiety free environment due to the fact that stress and stress can also trigger unhealthy shedding.

This is also evident with pet dogs. If they get anxious and nervous, they can have moist paw prints. Some people find it comical whenever they see dogs licking their genitals. The pet dog takes out the disappointment and anxiety to a less threatening item like a body part.

Did you know that your dog may growl because he is really alerting you? Your pet dog can be really awkward or most likely he is feeling threatened, the only way he can inform you his sentiment is by growling. 

These events can trigger the pet's appetite to diminish. Aside from loss of hunger, observe your canines for signs like sleepiness and vomiting. It is best to look for clinical attention because your dog might not be getting sufficient nutrition and it harmful for your pet's health.

We should comprehend that pet dog's also have feelings. They feel stressed and uncertain too. It is very important that we understand the different sign that will inform us that pets are experiencing anxiety. At times, after the dog has actually given us a number of cautions, a bite is brewing. These warning signs need to not be ignored.


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    October 2013